Why You Should Always Print Your Business Products Professionally

Printing at home seems like the reasonable option when you’ve just started a business. You feel like you have a thousand expenses and printing just isn’t one of them! What’s the point anyway, the products are the exact same, right? Well maybe…if you have a damn good printer and can cut in perfectly straight lines anyway. Here are a few reasons you should opt to print professionally when it comes to your business.

Establishes trust

Imagine this. You receive a postcard from Target in the mail to receive 45% off your next purchase of $50 or more. You pick it up, thrilled! Once you’re holding it in your hand, you realize that it’s printed on ultra thin card stock and some of the wording is faded. It’s rough around the edges and the graphics seem a little off-center. 

Do you begin to doubt the legitimacy of this postcard? Did it actually come from Target? How comfortable would you be trying to use this discount at the checkout counter? 

How comfortable will your customers or clients be cashing in on the promotions you send them?

Increases the value of your product

I know what you’re thinking, “Target is a huge company, of course their materials are going to be nice! I’m just a small business.” 

I get that. But put a little faith in your business and invest in your success. Acquire marketing materials that scream, “This is a professional and well-established business!” Believe it or not, these materials directly effect how customers and potential customers view your product or service, not just your business as a whole. You directly downgrade the quality of what you’re selling just by having below-average marketing materials. 

I don’t know about you but I want my clients to know I’m the best of the best. Not the knock off version they should avoid. 

It could save you time and money

I get this question a lot, “Can’t I just print at home or at my local office store?”

You sure can, I’ll even tell you how to do it! Just understand that the quality of these materials can be subpar, sometimes difficult, and often times more time consuming. 

Printing professionally takes the headache out of a task you probably don’t want to do anyway. Remember that your materials are representing your brand image. Take, for instance, our business cards (pictured below). 

The bottom set was printed at our local office store (not naming any names!) and the quality is decent but definitely not great. The card material is very thin and the corners always look bent, dented, and torn. We were so disappointed that we eventually had new cards printed (the top set).

Notice how the colors in our office store venture are faded and grainy. On the opposite spectrum, our new, professionally printed cards are rich in color and very vibrant. The rounded corners and glossy texture make them resistant to getting roughed up and dirty. They’re also quite a bit thicker so when I whip one out to hand to someone, I feel confident in my business and proud that this card represents my brand image. 

Too bad we have 500 business cards we’ll never use.

Where to find branding materials

Finding the perfect branding materials is a daunting process. How can you be certain something represents your brand? That’s easy, your brand is you!

Plus, I have good news. We’re here to help you do exactly that. 

If you’re still in the planning stages, struggling to figure out your brand image or don’t even have a name – check out our previous posts to help guide you (free printables included!).









If you’re looking for fully customizable templates that you can truly make “you” check out what what we have to offer in branding materials

Where to print

If you’ve read this and totally get why you should print professionally, I’ll let you know that VistaPrint is my favorite and because of that, I can offer you 20% OFF your cart if you print with them. They have just about everything you can think of. 

Here’s a short video to show you how easy VistaPrint is to use. We’ve obviously paired it with our makeup brochure template.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your brand image is at the top of its game. Brand your business to success today and don’t forget, we can help you with the scary bits. 

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Any questions or tips you think would be relevant to the fellow entrepreneur – drop them below! We love to hear from you! 

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